A successful-sweaty start to 2017

Groote Eylandt data collections has begun for 2017 for the Wilson Performance Lab.  Skye & Nat with their international collaboraters, the Danish Jakob & Georgian Clint, kick start an intense phase of collecting performance data with fellow quoll & bandicoot participants. Boss Wilson also managed to juggle a trip to the rock, injecting his joyful enthusiasm for science wherever he went! Top job guys, you are amazing!! 

Andrew & Gwen joined the busy quartet a few days back but for all things human - setting up a testing room in the community of Angurugu, meeting many more awesome people & putting out air filters for the Dust & Health study....... all the while navigating the puddles left over from the cyclone. 

It looks like a successful, albeit wet, start to the year for the Wilsonite Labbers. Stay tuned for more updates!